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Click to enlargeStrongid® C (25 lb) [#]

Strongid C (pyrantel tartrate) is a revolutionary approach to deworming. An alfalfa-molasses based pellet, Strongid C can be simply top-dressed or mixed into a horse's daily ration. Strongid C is effective against large and small strongyles, roundworms and pinworms—the most common and costly parasites.

Strongid C prevents internal parasite damage before it starts—because the treatment is there in the gut every day, waiting for parasites as they are ingested. This "power prevention" means that a number of indirect benefits are realized. First, if a horse's intestinal system is protected from parasitic infections, it will be better able to efficiently digest nutrients. In fact, studies show horses fed Strongid C daily are better able to overcome losses in feed efficiency associated with parasitism than horses treated regularly with purge dewormers.

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